Diwan Europe is a cultural project about perceiving, activating and discussing public urban space. It comprises of manifestations and exchange between professionals and the public.

The Diwans are couch-like modular pieces of furniture that invite to sit, stand, walk or lie down upon. The Diwans will be temporary installed on different sites in the city of Vienna and encourage all city users – invitees, passers-by and inhabitants of the neighbourhood – to have a rest, meet, hang out, listen and talk.
The Diwans are activated by weekly events, either programmed with manifestations by the organizers, with instant events programmed by third parties, or with spontaneous use. Meeting, strolling, storytelling and discussions on the urban realm are core elements of this activation process.

The result of  the Diwan project is a reflection about perceiving, describing and using public space in the European metropolis and about the parties involved in ‘making’ and ‘living’ public urban space in the 21st century.

The Diwans  are temporary and modular structures that can be adjusted and installed in various forms, depending of the shape of the proposed chosen public spaces. In its basic appearance it is an elevated rectangular platform of 6,4 x 6,4  meters or respectively 9,6 x 9,6 meters, built up by 64 portable elements of each 80 x 80 cm and 1,20 x 1,20 meters.

140919 modules


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